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Cookies policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files which are stored on users’ computers which enable to remember the stream of information between Internet services and Internet browser. They execute a bunch of functions which have an impact on the comfort of using Internet websites.

Why cookies are used?
Cookies are used to observe the way of using the website to simplify the use of a particular service. They are also used to remember the users’ preferences, which may be used for display personally suited advertisements and editorial content. Using cookies we do not store personal data of the user or confidential information.

What kind of cookies do we use?
On our website we use:
Session cookies – used only when browsing the service, enabling proper functioning of the website
Permanent cookies – they are stored on users’ computer after visiting our website which gives an opportunity of remembering user’s settings. Thanks to that, the website becomes more easier to navigate for the user and remembers his preferences. Those files are stored on the user’s computer for a particular time.
External cookies – enable preferences of the user and displaying particular advertisements on partners’ external websites. They are also used to measure the number of visits on the website.

How to block cookies?
Standard software used to browse Internet websites enable to store cookies on the computer. To block automatic cookie usage, change the browser settings in the browser preferences. Detailed information about blocking cookies you will find in the browser’s help menu. Changing the cookies settings can revise the functioning of the website.

CloseThe web page uses cookie files, which enable and facilitate your use of its resources in accordance with certain rules. Cookie files can be removed or declined by changing your web browser settings. By using the web page you consent the use of cookie according to your browser settings.