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Zatoka Komfortu


Welcome to the website of  Zatoka Komfortu administered by Metropolitan Investment SA seated in Warsaw (00-113) at Emilii Plater 53, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000616710, Tax ID 7010564311 (hereinafter „Metropolitan Investment”).

This document (hereinafter „the Rules”) regulates the manner of using the website of Zatoka Komfortu. Please read the Rules before you start to use the website of Zatoka Komfortu and comply strictly therewith.



The website of Zatoka Komfortu includes materials, such as text, photographs, visualizations, drawings and other pictures and sound materials. All of those materials are protected with copyright or other intellectual property rights. Any copyright and other intellectual property rights to all materials published on the website either belong to Metropolitan Investment or have been transferred thereto under the license granted by the owner or owners of such rights in order to use those materials on the website of Zatoka Komfortu.

We would like to inform you that copying (whether on paper, by keeping on a computer drive, downloading or any other way), distributing (including distribution of copies), broadcasting, amending, introducing any modifications to or using the materials included on the website of Zatoka Komfortu constitutes a breach of copyright or intellectual property rights of Metropolitan Investment. Therefore, please refrain from such actions.



We emphasize that the information published on the website of Zatoka Komfortu is of a demonstrative and informative character only. The visualizations, floor plans of the apartments, photos of the building, apartments or the surroundings can differ from their real appearance and they should not be relied on while making any decisions. Please do not consider those materials as a binding offer as defined in the Civil Code. Metropolitan Investment is not liable for any of Your decisions and actions made or taken based on the contents included on the website of Zatoka Komfortu.

Our long-term partner – Doradztwo Podatkowe WTS&AJA Sp. z o.o, seated in Poznań – provided us with legal information including a summary of laws and regulations specifying the existing options of refund of VAT charged due to the purchase of an apartment, prepared specially for Zatoka Komfortu.

We stipulate that the above information is of a general character only and neither METROPOLITAN INVESTMENT Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa nor Doradztwo Podatkowe WTS&SAJA Sp. z o.o. guarantees that the opinion of a tax authority in the relevant individual case is consistent with the content thereof. Neither METROPOLITAN INVESTMENT Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa nor Doradztwo Podatkowe WTS&SAJA Sp. z o.o. is liable for any consequences of individual use of such information.

Zatoka Komfortu stipulates as above also if similar information or advice is published on the website.



The website of Zatoka Komfortu can include links to external websites. The purpose of those links is only to help the user find the relevant websites, services or products which may interest them. Metropolitan Investment is not liable for the actions of owners or operators of such websites, for the products or services delivered by them or the contents presented on their websites.



 To use the website You are not required to register or provide personal data. If You are interested in contacting Metropolitan Investment or ordering our Newsletter, please fill in the form on the website by providing personal data (name, last name, phone number, e-mail address).

The personal data provided through the website of Zatoka Komfortu will be administered by METROPOLITAN INVESTMENT SA seated in Warsaw (00-113) at Emilii Plater 53 (detailed data in the headline of these Rules).

Providing personal data is absolutely voluntary, yet may appear necessary in order to fulfill the aim for which it has been provided. You may request a change or removal of the data anytime. You may also resignfrom our Newsletter anytime. In order to do this, please send a message to Metropolitan Investment through the contact form on the website of Zatoka Komfortu.

The personal data You provide may be collected and used by Metropolitan Investment so that it will be able to answer Your enquiries and requests, complete Your orders or process Your applications, send and deliver the obligations resulting from each agreement between You and Metropolitan Investment, foresee and solve problems concerning any products or services offered by Metropolitan Investment and ensure products and services which meet Your needs and expectations.

Metropolitan Investment will not disclose any information which could help identify You without Your consent, except for the situations specified in this privacy policy, if it is required or accepted for disclosure by the applicable law (including, but not limited to as a result of the request of competent authorities in court or administrative proceedings) or if such action is necessary for the protection of rights and interests of Metropolitan Investment or our customers.


Metropolitan Investment may anytime change the rules of using the website or introduce new rules. They will apply upon the moment of their publication on the website of Zatoka Komfortu. Under no condition shouldthose changes have effect on the protection of personal data You provide to Metropolitan Investment.

If You have any questions or complaints regarding this website, please contact the administrator of the website of Zatoka Komfortu.


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